We are interested in all submissions, short stories, essays, poems, articles on writing and new book promotions suitable for anyone 18 and under. If you think it’s of interest please complete below.

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Short stories approx. 2,000 words. Articles approx. 600-800 words. Poetry 2,000 words and can contain images. Please contact the editor if your contribution exceeds these guidelines,it should be accompanied by a short bio and thumbnail picture of the author and up to 3 links for entry onto the bio page as a thank you for your submission. If you would like to attach an audio file of your submission, please make sure it is a media file that will embed into the WordPress page.

The copyright for any work published remains with the original author and must not be reproduced in any form without permission.

All submissions are read and replied to. Anything published on here including bio’s remain on the site until you ask for them to be removed.

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Submission Enquiry