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Ailsa Abraham
Ailsa Abraham retired early from a string of jobs, ending up teaching English to adults. She has lived in France since 1990 and is married with no children but six grandchildren. Her passion is motorbikes which have taken the place of horses in her life now that ill-health prevents her riding. She copes with Bipolar Condition, a twisted arthritic spine and increasing deafness with her usual wry humour – “well if I didn't have all those, I'd have to work for a living, instead of being an author, which is much more fun.”. Her ambition in life is to keep breathing. She has no intention of stopping writing. She writes pagan magical realism and detective fiction under a pen-name. Her passions are animals welfare and running an orphanage for homeless teddy bears.
Sheri S. Levy
Sheri S. Levy is the author of an award-winning debut YA novel in The Trina Ryan series, Seven Days to Goodbye. February, 2015, Seven Days to Goodbye won in the Dog Writers Association in their Special Interest category, Service Dogs.After a twenty-five-year teaching career in special needs, Sheri used her knowledge and experience to write her series. She connected with PAALS, (Palmetto Animal Assisted Living Services), for her research on writing about service dogs and was overwhelmed with the service dogs’ abilities to change lives for the better. In turn, Sheri shares her book proceeds to support enjoys doing author visits, teaching writing workshops, and writing her next novels. In her spare time, she reads, plays with her two dogs, listens to music, and hangs out with her husband and family.
Suzy Davies
Suzy Davies was born in Reading, Berkshire, England. She is an Anglo American writer who lives in Florida. She is passionate about writing children's fiction books, to inspire, entertain, and educate children in a way that is imaginative, creative, and makes learning fun. Her brand new creation, “Snugs The Snow Bear,” is just released, and has attracted the admiration of world-famous World Animator, Sheila Graber, known for her animation of the original “Paddington” by Michael Bond, and her animation of Rudyard Kipling’s “Just So Stories.” Sheila Graber approached Suzy and read her book, and admired the activities of her characters. Graber and Davies may work together in the future! Suzy has enjoyed a career of over ten years in teaching English, Literacy and English to Speakers of Other Languages, in schools, colleges and factories in England, The Czech Republic and South Korea. She is a Sociology graduate of The University of Leicester, and an English Literature postgraduate of The University of Sussex in Falmer, Brighton. She is also a certified Life Coach. A passionate educationist, she draws on her knowledge of how children learn, to engage children, and encourage them. Suzy’s “Snugs Series” teaches kids about friendship, loyalty and belonging, as well as informing them about nature, wildlife, and green issues. Suzy draws on her varied career, including her time spent as cabin crew for an airline, to create colorful characters and compelling story lines for her books. When Suzy is not writing, she likes to commune with nature, go to music gigs or relax at home, reading a book or cooking.
Verónica Manzanares Alberola
I was born in Spain and soon started to become passionate about travelling, writing and for telling the world that things were not fair. Today, at the age of 28, and after many changes in my life, I have been living in three different countries, and I live from combining my three passions: writing, teaching Spanish and translating.
Andrew Kaiminthang Hangsing
Andrew is a yet to be published poet and writer hailing from the sole hill station of Assam, Haflong. He runs a facebook page, Andrew Hangsing Says So (, and a blog by the same name ( on which he posts his poems. Inspired by Robert Frost, William Wordsworth and Robin Ngangom, he is adamant on using rhymes to put across the sentiments of the common man in the ever fragile socio-political scenario of North East India. He also put into verses the life experiences of being a youth in a small hilltown of India. His poem on suicide, “A Jump From The Dyang Bridge” won the 2nd prize at Poet’s Arena during the 2017 Phoenix Festival held at Jorhat Engineering College. Another poem, “Fifteen Days Have Passed” have been published in the first issue of Strata Online Magazine ( published on April 31, 2017.
Brian Morgan
Brian Morgan is the founder and CEO of PiPSTM and has been involved in publishing (newspapers, magazines and books) since 1975. Before that, he was an accountant and business executive for national and international companies. He is the author of eight books in print and 12 eBooks.Brian Morgan wanted to be a writer when he was 14 years of age, but couldn't find an opportunity for more than 20 years. He learned the writing craft as a journalist and went on to editing and publishing in newspapers and magazines¸ before retiring early to write books. Along the way, his work won numerous state and national awards in journalism, editing and publishing, and others for general writing, including a Fellowship of Australian Writers National Literary Award for his first book. One book became an international bestseller and his work has been translated into for Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian and Japanese readers. He now has eight books in print and 12 eBooks. Stories about him are on his website.
Angela Marie James
Angela Marie James writes engaging stories & poems for both children & adults. She is currently in the process of putting together her first children's books for publication, as well as a poetry anthology for older children & adults. Over the past few years she has published her work in anthologies, online magazines & on the radio and performed her work in schools, nurseries, colleges and at community events. She is very proud to be the ‘Resident Author & Poet’ at Ellison Primary Academy and helps promote creativity, imagination & potential through the use of literacy & the literary arts in her position as Director & Lead Creative Practitioner at Unleash along with fellow author Glenn Martin James.
Camilla Chester
Camilla writes for 8-12s. She has always written but after moving to Hertfordshire with her family in 2010 she enrolled onto an OU Creative Writing Course (receiving a distinction), joined several writing groups and then discovered the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators before publishing her debut, Jarred Dreams in 2016. Camilla’s second book, EATS is due out in May 2017.
Karen Cioffi
Karen Cioffi is an award-winning author, children's ghostwriter, and online platform instructor. If you need help with a writing project or your author/writer platform. Be sure to check out the Blog and DIY Page.
Rebecca Morgan
Rebecca Morgan is the author and creator of a new character brand about to launch called Marjorie Sue, along with a whole cast of characters. She resides just outside of New York City with her two dogs, Violet & Lily. Rebecca loves to travel, speaking to the youth, and empowering young entrepreneurs, with useful insights and mentoring tools to bring visions to life. If you would like to book an event with Rebecca you can go to her contact page on her web site
Maureen Vincent-Northam
Maureen Vincent-Northam has been published in newspapers, international magazines and on the Web, contributing regularly to markets aimed at writers. She is the author of Trace your Roots (Crooked Cat Books) and co-authored The Writer’s ABC Checklist (Accent Press). A past winner of The Writers’ Advice Centre for Children’s Books Competition, her short stories and poetry have appeared in a number of anthologies. Maureen is an editor with Crooked Cat Books, has judged online writing contests, and tutored writing workshops.
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