Bok was an intelligent, happy-go-lucky boy who lived in a small rural African village with his family.

Everyday, he and his older brother would walk the 2 miles to the local school.

Bok loved the school, to him every moment was an adventure as he wanted to know all about the

world and everything within it.

But now, civil war had come to his country and one day the soldiers came to his village,

burning down the houses and the school, and taking all the young boys as soldiers to fright

in the land wars.

Bok and his brother were forced to carry guns, being careful not to get shot by the gorilla

soldiers from rival armies.  As the frighting continued the soldiers would go from village to

village taking the young men to fright alongside their army, many of the young boys were

killed in battle and casualties were high.

Then, one day the war was over.  Bok and his brother were left to fend for themselves –

hundreds of miles from their homeland.

Each day the both of them would walk for miles, at night sleeping under the mango trees,

until finally they made it home to their village. Bok was so happy to be reunited with his family.


But now his school was gone and most of his friends had not returned from the war.

Bok just looked forward to the day that he could return to school, thinking about all the books

he so wanted to read.                                         END.


Every child has the right to a good education, and reading isn’t just one of the three R’s, it’s an essential life skill, it improves

literacy, develops a positive attitude towards learning and is crucial to social development in all young people

Alas, because of a lack of resources there are few reading opportunities available in developing African countries with many

children leaving school aged 10+ without the basis three R’s.

They have no change of getting a job that requires reading and writing.


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