So many times, as a young entrepreneur, I found myself in situations where I didn’t realize what I had taken on as a project and found myself climbing Mount Everest. I’m in the middle of the project and have to stop and say to myself “Hmmm, wait a minute, what was I thinking?”

Why didn’t I think about the necessary tools needed to make that climb? And why did I think I could proceed with such a huge climb and successfully conquer that project

Well, quite simply because I am fearless. I didn’t see the project in the beginning as this huge mountain, impossible to climb but rather a project worth taking the risk and feeding my insatiable thirst to go on uncharted territory. If I needed help, I would reach out and find the necessary person to help me reach the top. Most people would suggest that, this train of thinking would be dangerous rather than an asset. And to those of you who are very calculated, this way of thinking is down right unacceptable.

Here are some very key lessons that I found helpful in my journey that you may want to apply to your climb.

  • When you need help, go right to the top of the chain. So many times we think of ourselves as insignificant so we ask for help from someone who really isn’t fit or qualified to help us. Right from the start I made it a priority to contact the “President”, the highest person in authority or have the most influence and knowledge about what I needed help with. Yes, it’s humbling and definitely intimidating. But you know what? This saved me a lot of time and heartache. Also, I found that I was actually recognized as a very confident and goal oriented person and people found that attractive. Who doesn’t want to work with someone who has no intentions of wasting time? Since I live just outside of NYC, the saying goes “In a New York minute.” It’s true! Life moves at light speed. Research who is at the top of the food chain for the type of help you need and contact them. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Just a note, I am certainly not at the top of the food chain with character branding, children’s book publishing or being an entrepreneur however, many people have reached out to me for advice. I will never discourage anyone from also seeking out someone like myself. We are more likely to tell you the mistakes we made along the way too!

  • Think BIG! Right from the start I kept my vision of going global a priority. Every decision you make should be based on the end result, not where you are currently staged in your project or idea. Even though you will need to work with professionals that help you in that moment, your goal is to establish relationships that will help you long term. I am a true believer that when people invest in each other from the launching of a new vision, there seems to produce an empowerment that both parties feed off of that is priceless.

And so there you have it. Two very powerful tools I use to catapult me to the top of my own journey, my Mount Everest.

I would love to hear testimonies on the tool you chose to put in your backpack to make the climb on your Mount Everest.