Last Call for Contributions to the Young Writers Newsletter for March. Are you a children’s or Young Adult author, teacher or school librarian. We are looking for articles to help young writers, children and teenage stories and poems. Also contributions from young writers 18 and under. Please send items to

Deadline Approaching for the March Issue of  The Young Writers Newsletter

  Deadline Approaching for The Young Writers Newsletter   Do you have any children’s stories and poems or articles to encourage young writers? If you do we would love to show them on our pages. So please send them to

Welcome to the February Newsletter

  Here is your second issue of The Young Writers Newsletter. I hope you find something of interest in its pages. This newsletter is for everyone and in particular for anyone 18 and under. If you have children or are an educator or maybe a grandparent please take time to encourage young people to look at the … Read more


  The Young Writers Newsletter will be down over the weekend while we collate the February Issue which will be online on Monday 13th. If you have something you would like to send in it’s not too late, send it to and we will squeeze it in. Meanwhile, please check out our other pages. … Read more

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