Schmookers Lu Lu and The Bear.

Schmookers Lu Lu liked to shop

in the January Sales,

on the yellow omnibus she would hop,

in snow, and wind, and hail.

She went to Bournemouth rail station –

boarded a train at ten,

sat in the second class carriage,

to journey to London, again.

“Toot Toot,Toot Toot!”

went the express train,

as it rushed along the track,

and soon they’d arrived at Waterloo;

there was no going back.

Off Schmookers went on The Underground,

“Woosh, Woosh!” along the rail,

it was spooky in the tunnels,

and was blowing quite a gale.

Schmookers Lu Lu left The Tube –

elbowed her way through the crowd,

there were lots of people, hurrying,

so the place was kind of loud.

On escalators, Schmookers went –

stuck to the right hand lane,

so business people could overtake,

and so they wouldn’t complain.

Through the barrier, Schmookers walked,

put her ticket in the slot,

she was glad when she arrived


and broke into a trot.

Oxford Street was busy as bees;

it sent her in a spin,

so she did some window shopping

then, decided to go in.

She went inside a department store

that’s famous for children’s toys,

and she cuddled the dolls,

and played with the trains,

and the rattles, that made a noise.

And then she saw, to her delight,

the face of a fluffy white bear,

he had big feet,

but he looked so sweet,

she couldn’t help but stare.

“How much is the polar bear?”

Schmookers said,

to the lady with a bun.

“He’s in the sale,” the lady replied,

“And he is the last one!”

She peered into little Schmooker’s eyes,

that were filled with tears of joy.

“Fifteen Pounds, and I’ll tell you now,

he’s the best of all the toys!”

Schmookers stepped back

to admire the bear,

and bought him right away –

and his fur was so soft,

and his eyes so bright,

she fell in love,

that day.

Schmookers Lu Lu

travelled home,

at twenty after three,

and her mum and dad

were very glad

to have a bear, to tea!

Copyright Suzy Davies. All Rights Reserved. 14/01/2017.