Off us two went, beneath the trees,

that crackled and snappled

in Autumn’s crisp breeze,

our wellies slish-sloshing through the pelting rain,

plip plopping, plip-plopping

again and again.


The thunder it rumbled,

and the wind it blew

but on and on,

the adventurers, two,

rustled through leaves

till we came to a tree,

and the treasure it threw –

just for you, and for me.


Dark red-brown shiners

were there to be gathered,

the bigger the better –

that’s all that mattered!

We took them in armfuls,

filled carrier bags,

then we strung them on strings –

“Oh, what fun we had!”


Crashing and bashing,

we let the strings fly,

around our knuckles,

and up, to the sky!

Knocked them together,

till they spun around,

in a smackety wallop –

one fell to the ground!

One of the shiners

was all split into two,

twas tough on the outside,

but inside, all goo!


The champion, victorious,

announced that she won

and I was defeated, but still, it was fun!

Conkers, all bonkers,

Oh what a game!

And when next year comes

we will do it, again.


Copyright, Suzy Davies, All Rights Reserved. 21/10/2017