Creativity is Dead
I know that by writing this, I fight those saying that
Something, anything else that remains in the world, can make light out of the darkness.
Ingenuity cannot be roused by negligence or idleness, but
Humanity grasps these with all its might.
Love and compassion:
These have gone from our world.
Hate, suffering, and resistance:
These gleam on their glinting eternal thrones.
Curiosity, intellectuality, and exploration:
The balance is forever tipped.
But, you must see:
Of course there are those who would say that the opposite is true,
That the fire will not burn forever.
Yes, there are the naysayers, forever singing their lonely song:
There is, and always will be, hope.
Of course this is true.
Hope is quite resilient.
And to fight it would be folly.
The victory, nevertheless, has been decided.
The wheel will keep on turning, and darkness will forever be within our shadows.
Humanity, society, everything will be lost.
It is, and always was, foolish to believe that
The fire of creativity shall burn forever.
And this, too, shall pass, unless those in the world choose to believe the reverse.