There once was a puffin,

with very bright eyes.

He was quite a handsome bird,

and very very wise.

One day, he was fishing,

when he saw a big cruise ship

and on it were two penguins-

and their names were Slide and Slip.


Those penguins liked to dance on ice,

to entertain the crew,

and then they all had dinner – a delicious fishy stew.

People all liked Huff Puff

because he gave them fish.

Chopsticks liked to cook it –

it was her special dish.


Chopsticks boiled all the fish

until it was a stew

and served it

in the restaurant, where there was a queue!

She boiled it with vegetables,

and seaweed from the sea,

and she seasoned it with pepper,

and spices from The East.


The taste was most enticing,

and Huff Puff couldn’t wait,

so they all sat round the table,

though it was getting late.

“I’ll have some more,” the puffin said,

and everyone agreed,

but the soup, it was so spicy,

Huff Puff, had to sneeze!


Copyright, Suzy Davies 15/06/2017. All Rights Reserved.