It’s so very lonely
To be someone like me
Someone no one talks to
No one ever plays with me

I know I don’t say much
But it’s really not my fault
No one ever hears me
So really what’s the point?

It’s as if I don’t exist
No-one ever knows I’m there
Unless I play my pranks
But then you just get scared

I just get so angry
When you ignore me all the time
I just want to be your friend
Is that too much to ask

So I just sit here all alone
Wanting to play your games
But no-one will let me
So I amuse myself instead

I sneak up behind you
Whisper in your ear
You look around to see who’s there
But I’m nowhere to be seen

You feel my breath upon your neck
My voice gets louder still
You begin to quake and shiver
As the coldness draws you in

I reach out and touch you
You freeze on the spot
Then you let out an almighty scream
And run for all you’re worth

Yes okay I know I’m dead
But that’s really no excuse
It’s very rude to run through someone
It made me feel quite ill

I’ve really had enough of this
It’s time to step up my game
To punish you for all the tears
Shed at your expense

So you need to pay the price
For not being my friend
You will not make that mistake again
You’re coming with me my friend!

Janie and Jack Sale on Now