Schmookers Lu Lu and A Morning in Spring!

Schmookers Lu Lu opened the drapes,

looked out of the window, and made her escape:

into the garden of her grannie’s home,

beyond the tree-line, and all alone.

The wind sang to Schmookers,

and so did the birds,

a blackbird was singing,

and she hummed the words,

a flash of light yellow,

and feathers that shone,

then into the bushes, the blackbird was gone.

So Schmookers skipped on,

as far as she could,

where the little garden

was wild, as a wood.

The grass greeted Schmookers,

with touches of dew,

and under the elm trees, thicker, it grew.

The soft blades were rustling

and tickled her knees,

as proud heads of daffodils

swayed, in the breeze.

Schmookers halted

at a stone bird-bath,

then carried along

on the winding path,

where crocuses clustered,

to make a rainbow,

as pretty as anything

she’d ever known.

And under the cool

of the nestling oaks,

were drifts of white snowdrops,

a magical cloak,

that reminded Schmookers

that winter had passed,

and sunshine, and flowers,

were here, at last.

Copyright Suzy Davies 2017. All Rights Reserved.