I have a naughty secret,
like when you hold a fart,
you squeeze it in
so they can’t tell
it’s breaking you apart.

It comes up to the surface,
just like a big hiccup,
you keep it down inside you
but it keeps on 
coming up.

I have a naughty secret,
like when you want to sneeze;
you hold it in
so I don’t see
and laugh at you, 
and tease.

I have a naughty secret,
like the rumble in your tummy –
when my mum makes
a birthday cake
that smells so very scrummy!

You wait and wait to have your slice
But NO this secret’s 
a big surprise –
and the longer you hold on, 
the bigger it gets,
so please be patient, 
I may tell you, yet!

I have a naughty secret
I’ve hidden it away
and if you ask me what it is –
not telling you today!

Copyright Suzy Davies 30/09/2017. All Rights Reserved.