A POET AND DON’T KNOW IT?                                           


How can you tell if you’re a poet? Can you tell? I think there are signs. Do you enjoy reading poetry? Not only funny poetry but different types? Do you have books with poems in?

Answering yes to some or all of these questions doesn’t make you a poet, of course, but it does mean you love poetry so you are on the way. Any writer will tell you that the first rule of writing is read, read, read.


I love a book,

just take a look:

dungeons dragons,

cowboy wagons.

Dwarves and Giants,

doctor’s clients.

Wars and fights

and stormy nights.

Super heroes.

slaves and pharaohs.

Football, cricket.

Woods and thicket.

How to make it.

How to bake it.

Times gone by.

Foreign spy.

Ghosts and witches,

cloth and stitches…


Whoa, I had better stop there. I think I’ve made my point about the  variety and depth of subjects and knowledge you can get from reading.

          Now tell me something, did you enjoy reading that last poem? Did you get caught up in the rhythm? If you did that’s another sign of a poet –

to just love the sound of language. To enjoy the feel of the words on your tongue.

Do you like alliteration? Using words beginning with the same letter to give words stress. Or in this case to make a poem funnier…


I saw a silly sausage

sitting on a seat.

Singing songs

and sewing silks-

so succulent to eat.


I said, you silly sausage,

don’t sing a song to me.

Jump in a pan,

and sizzle, man.

I want you for my tea. 


Take alliteration just a little bit further and you’ll have the tongue twister. We’ll go into that another time.

The other sign of being a poet is pretty obvious of course. Do you write poetry? Not just for school, not even to show to your family and friends, but for yourself. For the sheer pleasure of writing it. You do? Then you are well on the way to becoming a poet.

Why not have a go at writing a poem and send it to us: editor@theyoungwritersnewsletter.com

Maybe try alliteration – start as many words as you can with the same letter. It really isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

We’ll choose one and publish it in the next edition of Young Writer’s Newsletter. Don’t forget to add your name because the winner will receive a signed copy of one of my books.


Good luck, poets!

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