I know two fine penguins,

their names are Slide and Slip.

Slip is very comical and

Slide is very hip.

They dance around the frozen ice,

to entertain us all,

and sometimes wear tuxedos

when they go to an ice ball.


Slip’s a good ice dancer,

his favorite dance’s The Jive,

but Slide prefers The Salsa,

it makes him feel alive.

Have you heard

that these two birds

travel everywhere?

And when they

strut their feathers,

people stop and stare.


I know two fine penguins,

their names are Slip and Slide,

it doesn’t matter who’s ahead,

the other one’s right behind.

Toe loops and triple axles,

are easy for these two,

and if you want to ice-dance,

they’ll show you what to do!


Copyright Suzy Davies 15/06/2017 All Rights Reserved. Suzy Davies..

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