There was once a lonely frog,

who wanted a frog- bride.

Days and days he lived in a deep, dark, pond.

so that he could hide.

You see

the frog’s face,

when glimpsed in the water,

was so very ugly,

he couldn’t marry,

and especially the frog-queen’s daughter.

Then, one day, alone, he went fishing in a stream,

and he heard a voice, as if it was a dream.

“You can find a bride if you make a wish.

But first of all, I must tell you this.”

“The frog queen’s daughter has a throne,

in a magical pool that is her home.

Whoever gazes at their reflection

by the light of the moon,

when it is bright,

will no longer be blind

through any deception,

that handsome, or riches,

matter more

than being kind.”

Our little frog croaked

a reply of thanks,

to the Willow fairy

he’d met on the banks

of the sparkling stream,

where the river fairies swim,

when he noticed a spider,

following him.

The spider had spun a silver web,

that sparkled, like diamonds,

near the river bed.

His web shone with jewels,

as bright as the stars –

our frog wished for

the Moon, Venus,

and Mars.

The moon replied to our little frog

“You must not hide from your heart-throb.”

The frog was shy, so he looked down and saw

his image in the water-

an ugly nightmare.

But our frog’s heart was good, as it was kind,

and the ugly reflection

he left behind.

As if by enchantment,

by sleight of hand,

a river fairy, with a silver wand,

had conjured with moonlight

so all could see

the depth of his kindness,

his inner beauty.

“Little frog,” said the spider, who had lots of flair,

“the frog princess has a throne for a chair,

and reading is her biggest passion,

but she doesn’t have any suitable cushion.

The frog princess reads there, for hours, by herself,

and sometimes says she’s been left, on the shelf.”

The frog’s huge eyes

popped out in surprise,

and he thought that the spider

was very wise.

Now he had an idea

that was very smart-

the spider could spin

for his frog sweetheart.

“Little spinner,” frog said to our spider friend,

“I’d be very glad if you could spin me a web!

Please spin the web

just like a cushion,

that is fit for the frog lady

of my heart’s passion.”

“Of course!” said the spider, his legs moving fast.

“I’ll spin you a web that is made to last.

When dew drops come, in the light of the morn,

her heart will turn, and she will be yours,

if you take the cushion, that I will spin,

to the frog-princess, whose hand you’ll win.”

Our little frog rose with the light of the sun,

and jumped to the pool where the queen’s daughter was.

“Oh Queen of Frogs,” our hero said.

“It is my intention your daughter to wed!”

“Oh?” said the queen in a croak of glee.

“Have you brought a present for me?”

“No, it’s for your daughter,” our little frog said.

“I love her, with all my heart, and head!”

And with that, the queen changed into the daughter,

and they got married, and lived happily ever after.

You see the princess had a disguise,

to test his heart, and she was wise.

Copyright 06/04/2017 Suzy Davies. All Rights Reserved.