Christmas Crackers by Sharon Tregenza

Secrets – A Poem for Kids, by Suzy Davies

Sharon Tregenza Children’s Author Newsletter Column

Conkers Bonkers! by Suzy Davies

Spout (A Character from Snugs The Snow Bear) by Suzy Davies

Creativity is Dead by Benny Blue (aged 16)

Paintbox the Parrot by Suzy Davies

Artistry by Benny Blue (aged 16)

Daylight Robbery by Suzy Davies (All Rights Reserved.)

“Huff Puff The Puffin” – A Poem about The Restaurant Scene in “Snugs The Snow Bear, by Suzy Davies” My Recently Launched Children’s Book.

Slip and Slide. A Poem About The Penguins from “Snugs The Snow Bear”by Suzy Davies

Flying by Suzy Davies (C)

So Very Lonely By Angela Marie James ©

The Lonely Frog – A Fairy Tale. by Suzy Davies

To My Son by Ashley Kendall

Magic and Mayhem by Alfie Stevenson (aged 8)


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