Clouds are great clusters of white and silver mass that bring beauty into our skies. It’s good knowing that nature doesn’t feel the many stresses in life.

Often I’ve sat for hours staring, almost in a trance, not really thinking of anything of any importance, just resting mind and body. For many, clouds bring feelings of freedom and serenity while taking a break from the stressful world; they sit and watch as wonderful arrangements of powder-puff clouds slowly cross from horizon to horizon, the calm breeze pushing them on their way. These light clouds join together and split apart with no apparent conflict whatsoever.

It’s when dark clouds start to move in that the conflict begins. Their dark masses slowly overcome lighter ones and create wonderful, elegant shades of gray and silver. A sense of power and evil looms as they slowly pick up speed and soar across the sky, flashing streaks of electricity to earth, shaking the ground with the rumble of their thunder. Sometimes I become frightened of their force, but only for a few moments then I return to the silent excitement of watching their great power overhead.

The dark clouds release their rain in a shower upon the earth. Soon after, the light clouds return, bringing peacefulness and serenity along with them that the dark clouds had stolen away. Light and dark both bring a kind of satisfaction to us; maybe just knowing there are things in nature around us that feel no pressure from the worries of the world.

Clouds are just one of the many beautiful sights nature has to offer. If there is a way to say thanks to her for the pleasure in my heart and refreshment of my soul, it surely would be to take care of her beautiful gifts and to protect them from harm.